SZD-9 Bocian 1c 1:5

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SZD-9 Bocian 1c 1:5

The model is made of plywood and balsa. Is covered with painted canvas, this is a English film Glosstex. Wooden fuselage of the model is covered with  canvas and painted.

Empty weight of the glider is 3 kg. Weight planned to fly 4.3 kg.

The model has been designed to compete in the competition mockups large gliders, used profile shows incredible perfection in flight thermal model can whole program perform glider acrobatics.

ARC The model is completely built so far as is possible. The work remaining is to cover and paint the model then add any decals as required. The covering material and paint is not included. Control Horns and linkages are provided and these will need adding following covering. Then radio fitting and balancing is all that is left to do.


ARF The model is completely built, covered and painted. The decals will be applied. Control horns and linkages will be supplied and these with need adding prior to radio fitting and balancing. There is a choice of colour schemes available.

Scale 1:5

Wingspan 3.59m

Length 1.67m


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