ASW 27 1:3 SCALE 5.22 METRES

Starting from £3,153.50

Our ASW27 S is also like the asg29 a modern hig performance glider with very good versatile flying qualities. The computed airfoil of thickness 11-under 9% is perfectly suited for this use and allows a wide speed range. Circling with the AS27S in a weak thermal lift is easy, and due to its low drag and excellent conversion between altitude and speed it is perfectly suitable for aerobatics and high speed flight. We growing up the wing span from 5m to 5,2m because of the aerodynamic performance of the asw27. Flaps and ailerons are hinged at the lower side, hence touching down at the slope is comfortable thanks to the crow configuration of the flaps. With a mass of only 13.5 kg the ASW27 is very light, and fitted with a CEFLIX 500 EDF it is able to self-launch on a grassy runway. Because of the thin airfoil the wing is built in an all carbon hard shell technique, and the square wing joiner of dimensions 18x40 mm is made of carbon, too. The stability of the wing is very high and well suited for velocities above 300 km/h even at demanding conditions.

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