HITEC D145 SW Servo

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Premium Digital surface servo of the 10 mm class    ON SALE

This HITEC D-series servo takes the surface servos in the 10mm class to a new level in terms of control precision, zero backlash and durability.

The powerful 6.0 kg (at 7.4V) D145 SW surface servo of the HITEC D series offers the highest resolution of servo paths currently available on the market. Finest response and programming possibilities are realized thanks to 32-bit MCU and 12-bit ADC technology.

Wide voltage servos can be operated directly on 2-cell lithium-based batteries (LiFe/LiIo/LiPo) with a nominal voltage of 4.8 - 8.4V.

The D145 SW surface servo is fully programmable and offers unparalleled durability thanks to its strong steel gearbox and two ball bearings on the output shaft. This is particularly important when low clearance and high setting precision are required.

The long service life is due to the uniquely designed steel gear and the robust servo housing.

The D-145SW surface servo is ideal for thin surface profiles in glider models and an application as a motor-gearbox combination for industrial applications.


- Programmable
- Digital MOS FET amplifier
- High positioning speed
- High actuating force
- High holding force
- steel gear
- 2 ball bearings
- 25mm micro serration for servo horn

Programmable functions:
- Setting the end point (0°-180°), neutral
- Setting the direction of rotation (clockwise / counterclockwise)
- Setting the dead gear
- Adjusting the speed (slower)
- Setting the Soft Start
- Setting the fail-safe function
- Setting the overload protection
- Saving or loading data
- Reset to factory settings


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