Jet Arrows

L-159 ALCA

Starting from £1,998.48

L-159 ALCA is a full-laminated JET model set, which is constructed and manufactured according to a real till this day used single-engine lightweight multi-purpose tactical-fight subsonic plane L-159 ALCA. The manufacturer of the real aeroplane is Aero Vodochody Czech Republic.

1:5,5 scale

We paid attention to the perfect quality and precision of processing. The model set is designed in full detail including riveting and plating so that it is easy to finish for modellers. The accessories contain all metal and mechanical parts such as wing hinges, flaps and undercarriage covers,screws and servo levers. The whole model is made from white fibreglass reinforced by carbon stiffeners and plywood partitions,which are equally as our other models, milled with high precision on CNC machines. .Another part is also a fibreglass cabin frame and a transparent cabin cover. The cockpit equipped with two ABS seats is a standard part of the model.

Remote control functions

  • wing

  • flaps
  • engine
  • front undercarriage wheel
  • undercarriage

  • breaks
Wingspan1.745 mm
Length2.315 mm
Weight14 - 16 kg
Turbine120 - 160N (with a thrust 12 - 16 kg )
Tank4 l

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