L29 Delpin 1.51M

The aircraft Aero L-29 Delfin (“Maya” in the NATO code) was a military JET training aircraft, which became a standard training JET Aircraft for member states of the Warsaw Pact in 1960s. It was the first JET aircraft designed and manufactured in Czechoslovakia. On 5 May 1959 the firm Aero tested the prototype XL-29 for the first time, it was powered by the British engine Bristol Siddeley Viper. In 1961 Delfin was compared with the aeroplanes TS-11 Iskra and Jak-30 and became the winner. Its production began in the year 1963 and continued for 11 years, approximately 3500 pieces were made. There was a successful engine Motorlet M-107 used in its batch production. Even a single-seat version L-29A Akrobat was developed. L-29R was made as an investigating version with cameras in the aeroplane bow. We have been developing the model L-29 Delfin as a model set, which has been constructed and manufactured according to a real till this day used aircraft Aero L-29 Delfin.

1:3,8 scale

The set is being prepared in perfect quality and precision of processing, including riveting and plating so that it is easy to finish for modellers. The accessories include wing hinges, flaps and undercarriage covers, screws and servo levers. All of the model is made of white fibreglass reinforced with carbon stiffeners and plywood partitions, which are similarly as with our other models , milled with high precision on CNC machines. Another part is a fibreglass cabin frame and a transparent cabin cover. The model comes standard with the cockpit with ABS seats.

Remote control functions

  • wings
  • elevators
  • rudders
  • flaps
  • engine
  • front undercarriage wheel
  • undercarriage
  • brakes
  • lights
Wingspan2.710 mm
Length2.840 mm
Weightcca 20 kg 
Turbine160 - 200 N
Tank4 l

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