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Pilatus PC6 Turbo Porter 3.25 M

Starting from £1,299.56

Pilatus PC-6 Turbo is a classical construction model designed in 3-D programmes, its parts are milled with CNC machines. The wing and VOP are in polystyrene/veneer construction. It is powered by a turbine unit Turboprop or petrol engine.

1:4,4 scale

Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter has excellent flight characteristic mainly due to solid and lightweight construction and the large surface area of the wings. It can fly fast and dynamic as well as slow and steady as well as slow and steady. This model is very realistic when flying.

The fuselage features the classic design of plywood/balsa. Parts are milled with high precision on CNC machines.
The wings, VOP and SOP are made from polystyrene/veneer. They are created on CNC machines as well.

The whole model is covered with Oracover foil in white colour as standard. The colour can be specified when ordering for an extra payment. This model is supplied with building instructions, undercarriage with effective dampers (without brakes) and a set of accessories for assembly.

Remote control functions

  • wings
  • elevator
  • rudder
  • engine
  • flaps
  • tow hook
Wingspan3.600 mm
Length2.470 mm
Weight18 kg   (without fuel)
PowerTurboprop JetCat SPT5, SPT 10
 Turboprop Pahl Taurus 9, Taurus 10
 Benzin Valach motors WM 120B2-4T
 Benzin MVVS 116
 Benzin MVVS 152

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