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Super Blanik

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The L-23 Super Blanik is a model of the legendary sailplane. It’s designed for thermal flying, as well as fully aerobatic flying. It’s ready for slope soaring and using aerotow. When using the auxiliary turbine engine – it becomes fully self-powered.

1:4 scale


Basic equipment includes built-in brakes in the wings, retractable landing gear, cockpit, pilot seat and damper piston on the cabin hatch. This model can be fully equipped with electronics and is ready to fly. After ordering the power unit (turbine), the fuselage is modified for the fuel tank, turbine controllers, valves, fuel pump and covering on the rudder. In addition, fastenings for the turbine are located above the wing couplings.

The power unit can be ordered separately and installed into existing models.

The fuselage , tail section, wingtips and cabin frame are fully laminated. We recommend installing the tow hook at the apex of the fuselage . Landing gear can be fixed or retractable.

The wings are finished with polystyrene / veneer, reinforced with fiberglass and covered with Oracover. Built-in brakes can be special ordered. 

For this model, we supply plywood partitions and fuselage parts which allow for easy installation of the electronics, hook switch and retractable landing gear.

The L-23 Super Blanik has excellent flight characteristics due to the construction and profile of the wings.

Remote control functions

  • Wing
  • Elevator
  • Rudder
  • Landing gear
  • Brakes
  • Tow hook
  • Power unit
Wingspan4.000 mm
Length2.120 mm
Weight9,5 kg

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