L12-S Micro Linear Actuator with Limit Switches

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The L12 series is our standard line of Micro Linear Actuator. If you need a reliable, affordable motion device, our L12-S series is for you. The L12-S comes with end-limit switches that will turn off power to the motor when the device reaches 1mm of the end of stroke. Internal diodes allow the actuator to reverse away from the limit switch. The limit switches are set at the factory and are not adjustable. 

Our S series are our simplest micro linear actuators. Apply voltage to the device and it will extend, reverse the polarity and it will retract. This can be accomplished manually with a DPDT (Double-Pole Double-Throw) switch, wirelessly using our wireless linear actuator controller or using an H Bridge circuit. Our "S" series actuators can not be used with the LAC control board.

The L12-S is is very compact and weighs in at 28g-56g, depending on the stroke length that you choose. It's size makes it an ideal device for robotics applications as well as other projects with tight space and weight requirements.

Some industries where the L12-S actuator is in use:

  • Medical devices
  • Aviation
  • Aerospace
  • Simulation
  • Commercial transport

The L12-S line includes 24 unique models featuring:

  •  stroke length of 10mm,
  •  gearing 100:1
  •  6VDC

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