L16-S Miniature Linear Actuator with Limit Switches



Our L16-S line of miniature linear actuator is a big brother to the L12-S. Similar in profile, the L16 is slightly larger and offers a larger motor for heavier loads and faster speeds.

All of our S series actuators are easy to use, 2-wire devices. Apply voltage to the actuator and it will extend, and reversing the polarity will cause it to retract. There are several options for controlling an S series actuator including a rocker switch (latching or momentary), wireless controller or using an H-Bridge circuit. The L16-S can be used with RC (PWM) via a brushed reversible motor controller (such as a Sabertooth).

Weighing in at 56-84g, the L16-S is incredibly compact and well-suited to applications where weight is a consideration.

The L16's versatility makes it ideal for a variety of applications. The L16 is the ideal micro linear actuator for medical devices, robotics, aviation, aerospace and commercial transport.

Our L16-S line includes 12 unique models featuring:

  • Stroke lengths of 30mm, 50mm, 100mm and 140mm
  • 3 gearing options for maximum forces between 50N (11lbs) and 200N (45lbs) and max speeds from 8mm/s and 32mm/s
  • 12V input

The L16-S comes in 12V input only.


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