Revoc Custom


Revoc Bags

Bags for models are becoming ever more popular. Protecting your investment of time and money makes a lot of sense. We all have experience of damage occurring whilst getting the model into or out of the car. It very frustrating and entirely avoidable with a set of Revoc Bags.

Revoc Manufacture a wide range of top quality wing and fuselage bags for models from around 75 different manufacturers. They cover hundreds of different models. These come in 3 choices of materials, a wide range of colours and a choice of accessories, all made to your specifications.

At JettstreamUK we know the process intimately and can make ordering bags for your model simplicity itself. Just fill in the enquiry form and we will get the process started. If there are any queries we will get back to you quickly. We deal with the ordering process, the money conversion and delivery to your door. And you will not pay a penny more than going direct.


Bespoke Bags

As well as the bags that Revoc already have patterns for, at Jettstreamuk we have prototyped bags for many models. For this reason we have the experience to walk you through the process, of getting a new style of bag made for a model not previously covered by Revoc. We know their procedure well by know and have many successfully made bags in our repertoire. We can help you too, and there is no charge for this. We are happy to help our customers.

Drop us a line or call us to discuss. Alternatively just fill in the enquiry form and send it in to us and we will do the rest.