Helix V3 Kit 3 m

Starting from £811.00

The kit includes:

  • all GRP parts, ready for installation
  • colour stability of all GRP parts due to UV-resistant varnish RAL 9003 (white) - no yellowing any more (clean varnish only with polish, do not use acetone or spirit)
  • GRP canopy and fitting components
  • small articulated parts
  • wing connector
  • customs tariff number 95030075

The kit does not include:

  • RC and drive components
  • landing gear

Construction / prefabrication


  • elevator (V-tail) and wing already installed
  • high-strength full GRP or CRP wing with two flaps (per side)
  • control surfaces lower mounted
  • full GRP V-tail
  • gap-free linkage with GRP sealing lip and eye bolts 3 mm (rudder horns)
  • thread for eye bolts (rudder horns) incorporated in flaps
  • 3 x 10 mm CPR bar or steel as wing connector
  • servos already installed in V-tail


  • fuselage reinforcement with glass unidirectional tape in entire canopy area and CRP unidirectional tape in fuselage tube area
  • back of fuselage varnished - invisible seam


  • set of small parts (eye bolts, clevis, 3 mm threaded rod, servo and spoiler covers)
  • decor kit

Packaging size

  • wing 1430 mm
  • fuselage 1430 mm

Span: 2970mm

Overall Length: 1430mm

Take Off Weight: from 2,3kg

Area: 59,12 square decimetre

Profile:MH 32 mod. inside 9%, outside 8,5%


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