Starting from £2,054.28

Our AIROX is a sports jet that sets new standards with its performance, construction, aerobatic properties and top speed. The construction was carried out entirely in CAD, with great emphasis being placed on perfect aerodynamics and a pleasing, dynamic appearance. All shapes are CNC milled, which gives us perfect profile and shape accuracy. The construction leaves nothing to be desired apart from the front part of the fuselage, everything is made of CFRP. The area of ​​application of the jet is limitless. The flight characteristics are similar to an F3A plane, but "normal" very good-natured jet flying up to extremely high top speeds is no problem thanks to the design and construction. The AIROX hangs perfectly on the rudder and inspires both the viewer and the pilot. The take-off and landing characteristics are unproblematic and easy thanks to the rather deep wings. Drives from 12kg - 25kg thrust can be used. Due to its size, the AIROX is also ideally suited for use with electric impellers. As part of a cooperation, sales are carried out exclusively via Tomahawk Aviation and FW Models.

Wing span: 2000 mm

Fuselage length: 2400 mm

Weight: ab 15kg

Drive: 120-180 N Schub


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