Powerbox Pioneer 4100 (Microswitch)


The PowerBox Pioneer is the latest development of a 14-channel power supply unit without voltage regulation, designed for HV servos


  • 14 channels
  • High-performance battery backer with high continuous load capacity
  • Duplicated circuitry for the entire power electronics
  • Redundant electronic switch
  • All features can be controlled using PowerBox and Jeti transmitters
  • All systems can be operated using BlueCom or PowerBox USB
  • Integrated iGyro technology of the latest type, with iGyro Sat as gyro sensor
  • Nine independent gyro outputs for: 3x aileron, 3x elevator, 3x rudder

Technical Data

Operating voltage 4.0 V - 9.0 V
Power supply 2s LiPo, 2s Lilon, 2s LiFePo, 5s NiMH
Current drain Power-on state 105 mA
Current drain Standby 30 µA
Maximum load current Continuous 2x10 A (<30 s 2x 20 A)
Drop-out voltage 0.3 V
Output voltage unregulated
Signal input serial


Set contents

  • PowerBox Pioneer
  • MicroSwitch
  • 2 patch leads
  • 1 double-sided self-adhesive pad
  • Operating instructions in german and english

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