P 47 Thunderbolt Kit 1:4,4

Starting from £2,603.89

P 47 Thunderbolt Kit

The kit includes:

  • all GRP parts, ready for installation
  • colour stability of all GRP parts due to UV-resistant varnish RAL 9003 (white) - no more yellowing (clean varnish only with polish, do not use acetone or spirit)
  • cabin glazing and fitting components, GRP cabin frame
  • GRP cowling
  • small articulated parts
  • wing connector
  • customs tariff number 95030075

The kit does not include:

  • RC and drive components
  • cockpit

Construction / prefabrication


  • wing, elevator and control surface made of full GRP and CRP
  • visual parts with scale details
  • control surface in fillet, prepared for installation
  • Fahrwerkaufnahmen im Flügel vorbereitet
  • GRP rudder horns and flap hinge
  • GRP landing gear door ready for installation


  • fuselage made of full GRP and CRP
  • main frames already installed in fuselage


  • set of frames and small parts

Available at additional cost:

  • pneumatic or electric bipod scale retractable landing gear made of aluminium incl. scale wheels
  • scale cockpit
  • set of protective bags made of Cordura material:
    • dirt-repellent Cordura; lined with fleece inside to avoid scratches
    • high-quality zippers and carrying straps
    • set consisting of fuselage, elevator, two wings and wing connector
    • colour scheme: blue/gray with white Paritech print

Span: 2780 mm

Hull length: 2350 mm

Take-off weight from 23 kg

Scale: 1:4.4

Engine: Fiala 250 5 cylinder Radial


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