MFlow2 Turbine 800 EX

MFlow2 Turbine 800 EX



This Version of the Mflow now allows easy reset of the unit from the transmitter. Therefore measurement of the fuel used can begin right after you have removed your taxi tank

The MFlow is a telemetry sensor that measures the flow of the pumped fuel and calculates its amount in the tank. There are two versions of the sensor available. The MFlow-Turbine is a variant designed for the models powered by a jet engine, the MFlow-Gasoline is a variant for the models powered by glow or gasoline motors.

Main features •The sensor is compatible with Duplex EX system.
•EX telemetry values: actual flow and the amount of the fuel in the tank.
•User adjustable parameters, such as tank capacity, depleted fuel alarm, etc.
•Firmware updates.
MFlow consists of the flow sensor and the base. The sensor is connected to the base via a cable with a lock connector. The other cable labeled as „Ext“ is used for the DUPLEX system or the JETIBOX. The flow sensor is fitted with these endings according to the type:
MFlow T: 2x FESTO for tubes with the external diameter of 4mm


Weight [g] 40
Dimensions [mm] 77 x 41 x 30
Operational temperature [°C] -20 ... 85
Supply Voltage [V] 5 ... 8.4
Average Current [mA] 20 
Measurement range 20-800 ml/min
Measurement accuracy ±2%
Tubing connection 2x Festo Ø4mm

More info and manuals can be found HERE


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