MVario2 EX

MVario2 EX



MVario2 EX is a system that measures atmospheric pressure and using the obtained data it calculates the altitude above sea level, airspeed, and the rate of climb as well as the rate of descent. Changes in climb and descent rates are signalled as well. The sensor also alerts you if any alarm setting is exceeded. The sensor data can also be transmitted via the Duplex system to the user.
Main features
•Measurement of altitude, pressure, and temperature.
•Very accurate and fast indication of climb and descent.
•Possible sound alarm signaling using a JETI Tx module (EU only) or JETIBOX profi.
•Possibility to be used as an Expander and to connect other sensors.
•Adjustable compensation of energy (TEK) via MSPEED EX sensor.
•Possibility to be used as an altitude switch in FAI F5J or ALES competition categories.
•The device is compatible with EX Bus protocol, i.e. it is possible to be configured comfortably via a special menu in DC/DS JETI model transmitters.
•Firmware updates.
Technical data
MVARIO2 Resolution of measured height 0.1m Typical noise ratio in height changes measurement ±0.05m/s Measurement range 450÷1100hPa The Duplex system takes advantage of the 2.4GHz band for communication. This system not only transmits control data to the model but also sends data from the model back to the transmitter. The telemetry data collected during operation is shown as actual, measured values in real time on either LCD screen of a connected JETIBOX or on the DC/DS JETI model transmitters.


Weight [g] 5
Dimensions [mm] 35 x 16 x 7
Operational temperature [°C] -10 ... 85
Supply Voltage [V] 3.5 ... 8,4
Average Current [mA] 15

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