RCDroidBox allows real-time monitoring and recording of telemetry data transferred using JETI Duplex or Duplex EX protocol. The system consists of both hardware and a software part. The hardware is the actual RCDroidBox Bluetooth adapter and the software is an application running on a device with the Android operating system, such as cell phone or tablet. The application is available free of charge on Google Play - JATAYA - RCDroidBox. For active use the RCDroidBox has to be connected to a battery 4V-15V with the correct polarity and to the Ext. connector of the RC transmitter or transmitter module.


Weight [g] 15
Dimensions [mm] 38 x 20 x 7
Operational temperature [°C] -15 ... 50
Supply Voltage [V] 4 ... 15
Average Current [mA] 20

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