Xicoy X60 Light



Back in stock - Remarkable power for its size.

Sharing several parts with the X45, this engine can be described a "fatter" sister of the X45.  Featuring similar total length , but 8mm more diameter and only 55 gram more weight, it packs a 46% more power.


The X60, as all Xicoy engines, push the limit well beyond our competitors, raising the power to 60N, being much smaller and lighter than its direct competitor.   
Thanks to the FlexThrust technology, the X60 can be used in all aeromodels designed for engines from 30 to 70N thrust, greatly improving the choices when looking for your next plane!
As with all Xicoy Engines our purpose designed X60 electronics offers an industry leading simple, lightweight installation. One of The biggest hurdles in Turbine Design is Specific Fuel Consumption (SPFC), the X60 has the lowest TSFC in its class.



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