ZN Line F-22 Raptor

Kits start from £1795 + shipping, for the base kit. There are many options available:

Electric Version

De Luxe Build option

Electric Gear and Brakes

Thrust tube

Pouch Tank

Seat & Instrument Panel

Gear doors installed

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1 fiber fuselage
1 fuselage hatch
2 air inlets
1 front duct and engine inlet
1 engine cover
2 outlet nozzles
1 Rear fuselage part
1 Transparent canopy
1 Canopy tub
2 fiber / Airex sandwich wings, wing key sleeve installed
Gear doors
2 fiber / Airex sandwich fins, shaft sleeve installed.
2 fiber / Airex sandwich empennages.
CTP split pairs (installed on ARF version)
Control mechanism for horizontal planes
Wing keys and strongal fins.
Plan and instructions

Wing span (m) 1.42 m
Length (m) 2 m
Weight (kg) from 9 to 12 Kg
Engine  80N to 140N


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