ZN Line Fouga Magister

The Fouga Magister was famously flown by the French aerobatic team, Patrouille de France, as well as used as a training aircraft by many countries. The kit is available from £2495 + shipping for the basic kit.

Many options are available:

Light weight fuselage with carbon Herex formers

Full Behotec electric undercarriage set

De Luxe build level

Gear doors pre hinged

Flaps Fitted

Airbrake kit

Airbrake kit pre-assembled

Airbrake systems pre-installed

Bifurcated tailpipe

Fuselage moulded tank

Wing Pouch tanks

Instrument panels and periscope

Cordura Bag set

MKS Servo set

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Characteristics :

Scale: 1/5
For 8 to 12kg reactor (Merlin 100 recommended)

Kit contents:

1 Fiber / epoxy fuselage color of your choice (Painted in the mold, couples and support installed and wing and tail key sleeves. Installed)
1 fuselage hatches
1 Turbine pipe and nozzle inlet carbon cone
1 Engine cover
Transparent thermoformed canopy
1 Fiberglass frame
1 fiberglass bucket
2 Glass / Airex fiber sandwich wings
2 Glass / Airex sandwich tail
2 Cans of fiber wings
2 Alu wing keys.
2 tail keys
Alu Couples
CTP servos support
Photos and instructions for clearances and centering

Full composite kit Luxe version completly build



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