ZN Line Mirage 2000

 This medium sized model of the Famous Mirage 2002 has a starting price of  £1440 for the base model  + shipping.
There are many options:

 Electric Version

De Luxe Build
Retract set
Wing Pouch Tanks
Sub -Sonic & Supersonic Drop tanks
Instrument Panel
Non Painted Pilot
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This model of R / C jet is the reproduction of the MIRAGE two-seater N and D versions in service in the French Air Force. Many photos are published in magazines and will allow you to reproduce different versions. The Luxe version of this Kit is very prefabricated, of simple design and will allow you a very fast construction without risk of error.

The flight of this model is characterized by very realistic flight, high efficiency of the control surfaces, excellent stability, wide speed range. Among the model-specific accessories, we offer "model" train legs as well as a supersonic model belly tank and wing tank. The hollow wing makes it possible to receive a pocket specially designed for kero allowing to not have a tank in the fuselage. The ventral reservoir can also be used as a reservoir.

In addition to the included refueling pole, we also offer various accessories allowing a "model" finish (drop tank on the wings etc.) as shown in the photo.

Kit contents:

1 Fiber fuselage with light gray or dark gray finish
2 air inlets
1 fuselage hatch
1 Front flue hatch
1 Motor duct
1 transparent canopy
8 rudder covers
2 Mouse
1 Supply pole
1 fiber sandwich / Airex wing (engraved airbrakes - functional possibilities / engraved attack edge spoilers - functional possibilities).
Wing keys, gear supports and rudders installed.
CTP split pairs (installed on ARF version)
2.5 liter kero pocket space.
2 sheets of stickers.
Plan and instructions

Specific accessories:

Returning train
Model train legs, wheels and brakes
Single outlet stainless steel nozzle
Belly tank
Wing drop tanks

 Wing span (m)     1,18 m
Length (m)     1,90 m
Weight (kg)     7-8 kgs
Engine (cc)     80-100 N


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