ZN Line Rafale 1:9 Scale

This is the ZN version of the famous smaller Rafale from Christen Diffusion; a great flying model from the days of i.c. D/F brought right up to date. Starting price from £1525 + shipping for the base kit.
This kit has many options:
Electric Version
Wing Pouch tanks
retract brakes and controller
Supersonic Wing Tank set
Single tail pipe
Sub sonic Belly tank
Set of Instruments
Unpainted pilot
Light set
Afterburner set
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The model is entirely engraved (structural lines and hatches - new molds): all fiber, P.U paint in the mold, Carbon / Airex sandwich pairs, hollow wings in Fiber / Airex sandwich. Revised dimensions (general scale significantly increased) and inverted C40 retractable gears, offered either pneumatic or electric with new legs.

Two versions of the kit are available for this model, which can be modified on demand.

Since 1991, the remarkable flying qualities of the Rafale Christen Diffusion have been recognized and appreciated by beginners in the jet as well as by seasoned pilots. With this brand new model, they are greatly improved by reduced wing loading, high precision of the wing profile, better mass centralization and greater structural rigidity. The presence and visual signature of the Rafale Christen Diffusion in flight are surprising for a model of this size. The piloting is very easy and the flight singularly efficient. Great maneuverability and very large speed differences characterize this new Rafale. The wings and the fin are removable, facilitating its transport.

Characteristics :

Wingspan (with missile carrier): 1275mm
Length (with fin): 1872mm (1722mm without fin)
Weight: 7 to 8 kg depending on equipment Recommended turbines: VT80, M100, P100. Fuselage weight (complete turbine with air ducts and carbon couples): 2300 grs Fin: 200 grs Wings: 400 grs x 2

Kit contents:

1 fiber fuselage with air inlets,
air stream and main torque installed.
2 fiber duck plans with axes
1 fuselage hatch
1 Engine cover
1 Transparent canopy
1 Fiber bucket
2 elevon rudder covers
1 Rear fusalage part
2 Rails launcher missiles
1 pair of fiber / Airex sandwich wings
1 Fiber sandwich fiber fin / Airex Couples cut and installed
1 sheet of stickers
Plan and instructions

Specific accessories: Belly can for kero Stainless steel nozzle with double or single outlet (weight gain 700 grs) Retracting train Legs of trains and model wheels Brakes

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