ZN Line Sepecat Jaguar

The Jaguar base model is available from £1800.00 + shipping.

Many options are available:

De Luxe Build Version

 single Tailpipe

Electric Retract set

Pouch Tank

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The model The first flights were made at the Toul air base and went smoothly.

The model takes off quickly and the flight is smooth and realistic.The retracting gear is close to the original in operation.

Kit contents:

Wing span (m)1,38 m
Length (m)2,16 m
Weight (kg)10-11kgs
Engine (cc)100-120 N

Fuselage with engraved structural lines.
Colour white, gray or beige.
Fuselage hatch (wing top, Air intakes, cannons, undercarriage doors,
canopy, cockpit tub.
Pair of fiber wings with engravings (hollow airex / fiber sandwich)
Hollow fin (airex / fiber)
Horizontal fiber planes (airex / fiber)
Die cut couples (standard version)
Coulpes installed (luxury version)
Horizontal plane control mechanism installed.
Daggerboard key sleeves.
Drift keys.


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