ZN Line SU 54

SU 54 Trainer from £2360 + shipping for Base Kit

This new model is inspired by the S54 Sukhoi two-seater training aircraft project.

 Please fill out the enquiry form for up to date stirling prices Many options are available including:

De Luxe Build standard

Full Electric retract system

Fuselage Pouch Tank

Cockpit kit

Airbrake kit

Instrument panels

Seat Kits


Lighting set

SU54 Stainless steel single outlet nozzle

Two axis vector thrust Pipe

Subsequently, a semi-scale version will be possible with cockpit, transparent canopy, airbrake, and gear hatches.
All the couples are installed before closing, in the mold and glued with epoxy glue.
mechanism, carbon control rods and tail axles offset from the parting line for better strength and installed in the mold before closing
Location and fixing vector nozzle provided for simplified installation
Front air inlet ducts and turbine installed in the mold
stainless steel nozzle (without vector) installed
Thermal felt installed
large canopy for easy access
Plenty of room in the fuselage for ease of turbine and radio installation Flexible tanks in the wings (3 liters) installed All epoxy fiber model, color of your choice (painting done in the mold) Wings, fins and hollow stabilizers in fiber / airex / sandwich epoxy fiber + carbon reinforcements Flexible tanks in the 3-liter wings Behotec C 50 train

Wingspan: 160cm

Length: 220cm

Weight: from 10 to 12kg (Weight with M140, vecto nozzle, flaps, AF and fitted cabin: 12 kg empty version with M100, without vecto, without AF, without flap and without cabin: 10 kg)

Optional 2-axis vector thrust.

ARF Luxe kit (couples fitted, nozzle and pockets installed): Supplied with opaque canopy.

Behotec C50 retractable train with inverted front box (fixing the steering servo on the box): Complete kit with solenoid valves, cylinder, legs, complete wheels: NC Options: Bucket and transparent canopy Pack AF train hatches (cylinder, hinge, solenoid valve, hose, AF)


Wingspan (m) 1.60
Length (m) 2.20
Weight (kg) from 10 to 12kg


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