ZN Line SU35

Prices start at £2425 + shipping for base kit. Several options are available:

De luxe build standard

Fuel Pouch tank for fuselage and or wings.

Pneumatic landing gear set

Single engine tail pipe

Airbrake Kit

Instrument set

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The SU 35 is a Russian Fighter. The Su-35 is a Russian multi-role fighter of the so-called “4⁺⁺” generation.

This kit will allow you to have a model with reasonable dimensions.

Thanks to its excellent performance, this model can fly from all types of terrain.

Painting in the color of your choice (in the mass) on special order.

Kit contents:

1 Fuselage with structural line and raised sheet metal, gray color
1 fuselage hatch
1 Airbrake
1 Engine cover
1 Fuselage nose
1 Reactor Nacelles
1 nozzle
1 Carp tail
5 train hatches
1 Transparent canopy
1 bucket
1 Pair of hollow fiber sandwich wings and fins installed (flexible hinges)
2 Fiber fins
2 horizontal stabilizers
2 fiber duck tail
Couples and wood supports installed
Horizontal stabilizer mechanisms installed
2 steel control lifting beams for Canard axes
Wing keys: 2 tubes 20mm, length 330mm

LUXE VERSION OPTION: The plane is completly built ready to receive servos, engine, electronics. The gear and gear doors are installed.

Wing span (m)1.61m
Length (m)2.35m
Weight (kg)12-14 kgs
Engine (cc)2x70-90 / 1x140-166

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