ZN Line T22 Warrior Luxe

The Warrior is ZN Line Jet Trainer. It is avaialable from £1800 + Shipping for the base model. Various options are available:

Pneumatic retracts
Dorsal Airbrake
Pouch Tank
Ventral Tank
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If you are looking for a simple model with remarkable flight qualities, the "Warrior is for you. Designed entirely for  training, this model withengines from 6 to 8 kg of thrust, or for sport flying when equipped with a jet engine. from 12 to 16 kg of thrust. Having a wing surface of 1.5 m2 (very lightly loaded) for relatively compact dimensions, the speed differences are extremely important and the maneuverability astonishing thanks to its delta / canard configuration. delivered completely composite, painted in the mold, color of your choice, and all the servo, gear and engine supports installed. Special feature: Easy installation of the engine at the rear of the model with engine in air stream, but protected inside the fuselage and fuselage hatch acting as a dorsal air inlet and allowing wide access to the interior of the model. Removable wings and fins. Manufacturing: Epoxy / glass / carbon gelcoated color of your choice

Model-specific accessories:

engine: 7--16 kg of thrust
Pneumatic retractable gear
Ventral airbrake
Wing Tanks Missiles
Kit contents:

Colour fuselage to choose from and couples posed
Fuselage hatch
Aluminum storie nozzle
Transparent canopy
Fiberglass Cockpit tub
Pair of hollow fiber sandwich wings with fins installed (flexible hinges)
2 Fiber fins
2 fiber duck tail
Couples and wood support installed
2 steel control levers for canard axis
Wing keys: 2 tubes 16 length 330mm / 2 rods 10mm length 167mm 2 nylon screws 6mm + inserts for fixing wings


Wing span (m)1,60 m
Length (m)1,90 m
Weight (kg)8-10kgs
Engine (cc)80-140 N

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