ZN Line Wizard L

ZN Line Wizard L  the largest of the wizard range of Sports Jets


Starting from £2635.00 + Shipping For base Model.


New sport and full aerobatic jet made by ZNline Belgium in full composite with vacuum sandwich technology.

  • The material used is the carbon and Herex. 
  • Fully designed with industrial 3D software to optimize all aerodynamic conception and to integrate all internal components. The master was milled from 3D files on a CNC hight tech to respect the all forms and aerofoils. 
  • Kit include all wood parts installed in the fuselage, wing, stab.
  • You have to open glass-fibre parts, install the canopy frame and canopy, gear, tank, control horns, servos, tube, turbine, tank and electronics .


Wing span (m)


Length (m)


Engine (cc)

20-25 kgs


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