The package includes:
Mechanics: ceflix500
Impeller: Schübeler HST51

ceflix500 Mechanics

Weight: approx. 270 g
Material: CFK
Mechanical locking in retracted and extended position
Removable impeller mount by means of screw connection
Impeller sizes from 80 mm to 100 mm diameter

Schübeler impellers

DS-51-DIA HST with motor DSM4640-950
Special recording for ceflix mechanics
Aerodynamic CFRP enclosure
Shell diameter: 93 mm
Geometric throughput: 51 cm²
Weight incl. Motor, wiring and enclosure: 540 g
Floor area: 38-50 N
Beam speed: 75-90 m / s
Speed ​​range: 28,000-32,000 rpm
Input power: 1.95-3.35 kW
Acceptable battery: 10-12S from 3500 mAh 35C
Overall efficiency: 67-70%

possible controller

YGE90 HV £239
Ready wired and programmed for ceflix500kit

Servo recommendation:
Servos with min. 20 kg positioning force and metal gear
For example Savöx SC-1268SG or SA-1283SG


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