EDF Drives

Launching a large glider can be a difficult thing to achieve. From the flat field we all know the difficulties. Traditionally we use tow planes to get our sailplanes to height and this will continue I am sure. But there are frustrations. Tow-planes going u/s, long queues to get a tow, or the tow pilot just doesn’t show up. Hmm!

What we can do is add electric power to our gliders and make them self-launching, but the typical propeller based “up and go” units are complex and often go wrong. If any part of the sequence goes out of step you spend your day fixing the up and go unit instead of flying.

This is where EDF’s come in. This latest generation of sailplane EDF’s, are powerful and quiet. But most of all they are simple and reliable in use. Why not fix your launch frustrations with one of our systems. Call me to discuss the best system for your particular model.