Max Current A: 16

Max Cells: 3-12 S


Power supply with UBEC

A controller with BEC or an external UBEC (e.g. our  MIG UBEC ) saves weight.

To be on the safe side, you should also use a small backup battery. The BEC has to be secured against the backup battery with a Schottky diode. Note voltage differences. The battery must have more end-of-charge voltage than the BEC voltage. (e.g. battery 6V, BEC 5.5 V). The backup battery is always kept at constant voltage by the BEC and you do not need to worry about the battery. Should the BEC and / or the drive batteries fail, the backup battery will jump in immediately.

The backup battery requires its own switch, otherwise current flows to the receiver even when the flight battery is disconnected.

All of this is also suitable for high-voltage (HV) supply. This technology comes from the helicopter sector and is very safe. You save a lot of weight in contrast to conventional systems.


Overload protection against short circuits, blocking servos, etc. naturally does NOT provide a UBEC.

It is strongly recommended to deal with the safety of the power supply. 

Blocking servos can cause a short circuit in the receiving system.

Blocking landing gear servos are often the cause of a crash.

-Always make sure that ALL servos can always run freely without blocking.

UBEC Manual.pdf
PDF document [141.4 KB]

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