Zlin 50

Starting from £2,653.45

Our Zlin 50 is optically a very nice airplane. Sepp Würth, who created the original model, placed great emphasis on attention to detail and the surface with all the rivets is really perfect. When flying, the handling is very balanced, by increasing the deflections from an easy-to-fly plane you can make a real aerobatic pilot, with whom extreme flight figures are possible. The most beautiful is the classic aerobatics. When towing a glider, the Zlin flies ahead of the lamb despite the low-wing aircraft, even with heavy sailors, without having to make any great corrections. With the artificial flight you can really let off steam after towing. We have installed a Vallach 140 on our machine, which also fits the scale of the aircraft perfectly. The construction of the Zlin is light but still very careful, so that you can have something on the plane for a long time without having dents in the fuselage or wing.


Wing span 2850 mm
Fuselage length 2250 mm
Weight including 1 liters of gas fuel ab 15.5 kg
Engine Vallach 140-170, oder ähnliches
Undercarriage GFK
Scale 1:3
Center of gravity ...

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