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The X45 Turboprop, not only has the highest power in its class, it is compact, very light and has the most advanced electronics.

Developed from the successful X45 Thrust Turbine, it incorporates a 2nd Power Stage which has been purposely designed for the X45 with two main factors in mind, reliability and performance. Unlike our competitors who use off the shelf components which are interchangeable between engines but offer no value when it comes to performance. At Xicoy, we know that to get the most performance from our engines is design each part for the task required, our secret of obtaining the maximum possible power and reliability.

 Making power is relatively easy, the hard part is reliability and so the X45TP Gearbox has received some special considerations, incorporating primary and secondary shafts, supported by hybrid ceramic ball bearings, offering much higher operating cycles while adding to lesser fuel consumption due to lower lubrication requirements. 

Internal Gears are hardened, straight cut and over-sized, supported by three, thirty millimetre bearings which result in its ability to actually handle more power than what the core engine can deliver, ultimately the gearbox has an easier and much longer life.

Finally the mounting system has been designed not only with full sized aircraft in mind but with our customer in mind too, with easy mounting installation. The X45TP will mount to any existing 50 to 100cc firewall with no need for painful secondary support mounts.

The electronics include an output rpm sensor which is used to protect the Engine and Propeller of overspeed by governing output RPM, as an added bonus it is also Telemetry capable.

The X45 turboprop is offered in two diferent gearbox ratios to maximise airframe power requirments, give flexibility to the airframe and allow a wider range of Propeller combinations. The LR (low ratio) model is suitable for props turning up to 8000 RPM. The HR (high ratio) is suitable for props up to 6.500 RPM

Thanks to the low residual thrust of the X45, the idle rpm is very low, allowing a well controlled taxi and landing.

User's manual here







5,5kW (7,5hp)




See the drawing here




1,610g (3,5lb) engine, 1.705g (3,76lb) total installed weight except battery



Max. Output RPM:

HR: 6.500 RPM LR: 8.000 RPM



Idle RPM:

See table below




Kerosene or Diesel + 4% oil



Fuel consumption:

270g/minute at 5,5Kw. (335ml/min)



Starter motor:

High speed brush-less



Fuel pump:

Digitally controlled brush-less pump




Jeti/Futaba/MPX/Core/Hott/FrSky/Spektrum and  Bluetooth Android and IOS (optional modules)



Service interval:

25 hours 



Reccomended battery:

2s Lipo/2200mAh  (3s Life compatible).  Battery not included




Built in sensors for ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure to automatically adjust the engine performance, includes output RPM sensor to limit the maximum RPM and transmit the current RPM data by telemetry.



Performance examples

Measured output RPM using diferent props.

Size & Brand

Idle RPM


Full power RPM


Size & Brand

Idle RPM


Full power RPM



20x 12  Menz 3 blade

1.400 Rpm


7.550 Rpm



22 x 12  Metzlic carbon 3 blade

1.366 Rpm


7.000 Rpm



22 x 12 Menz 3 blade

1.290 Rpm


6.900 Rpm



24 x 10 Menz 3 blade

1.270 Rpm


6.470 Rpm



24 x 10 Menz 3 blade

1.270 Rpm


6.470 Rpm



22 x 18 Aerobat 2 blade (video below).
Same prop on a 3W110 gave 6500rpm.

1.280 Rpm


6.540 Rpm



This engine is available to order with either a high ratio reduction gearbox or a low ratio reduction gearbox.

HR is suitable for a maximum prop speed of 6500 RPM, and hence larger prop sizes.

LR is suitable of a maximum prop speed of 8000 RPM, and hence smaller prop sizes.

There is no price difference between to two gearboxes.

The Compact electronics have a simpler screen but is cheaper. The Light electronics have the multi function colour dispay and is a bit more expensive.


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